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Make A Great First - Last Impression 

 I'm sure you have heard the cliché "a picture is worth a thousand words."

You Only Get 1 Time to Make A First Lasting Impression.  

We Are Here to Help You Make A Great Lasting Impression.

It takes less than 20 seconds to make a lasting impression why not make it great.  It begins with your make-up, choice of clothing, your accessories, shoes, and handbag.  Your visual presentation of your story is your cover page, be bold but not flashy.  Secondly, it is your tone of voice and how efficiently you convey your verbal messages.  Lastly, your body language is the epitome of your overall image.

The Power of Communication

Speaking effectively can help us obtain limitless possibilities. Our human communication skills help us survive our communities by helping us verbally express our preferences, feelings, and demonstrate problem solving skills through verbal expression.

We at Perfectly Speaking can provide you the communication tool kit you'll need to establish meaningful relationships across your environments.  Whether your intentions are to establish a better relationship to effectively express your thoughts within your work environment or whether you want to create meaningful relationships within your social circle or to establish better communication skills to enhance your dating discourse skills.

Remember, poor speaking skills can limit and paralyze you. Poor communication skills can hinder your ability to effectively communicate within your environment decreasing your opportunities, such as: keeping you from your dream job and/or have a negative impact on your ability to effectively contribute to conversations within your workforce and social communities.

At Perfectly Speaking, our principles and methods of instruction are to help you identify your communication break down in order to help you build up your communication skills.  Excellent communication skills may open doors to new possibilities and may improve your quality of life.  Remember, your communication skills are not just verbal output, oral or written communication but it is also your projection of style and fashion.

The Motivation Process

When you choose to engage in a change process, the journey may be filled with both opportunities and obstacles. An enthusiastic person may reach her goals faster due to the high level of energy to work through the obstacles and accomplish her targeted goals.  We at Perfectly Speaking strive to help our clients feel renewed throughout the communication etiquette and fashion coaching process.  

Improving your swank through various forms of communication is what we do!

We Will Show You How to Become Jazzy and Classy not Flamboyant and Flashy.

Your story begins with your cover page, are your attributes in alignment with your coverage page?  

Are you aware of yourself and how you socially interact with others in your environment?

Are you aware that your thought pattern controls what is in your atmosphere?

Are your business etiquette skills and social professional skills in synergy with your wardrobe planning, as well as, your style and grace?

If your answer is "no" to any of these questions or if you just want to enhance your business etiquette skills, social professional skills, or learn secrets to a successful look, give us a call.  

Coming Soon (a downloadable packet cost of $15.00)
This packet will have questions to better guide you to assess your business etiquette needs, social/professional needs, and wardrobe needs.

Cynthia Willis.  I'm  no ordinary speech-language pathologist (human communication expert).  I am a former professional model of New York City.  My professional modeling career includes: runway, showroom, commercial print, music video, and movie extra.

I have had the opportunity to attend and graduate from Ophelia Devore's School of Charm (studied under Mrs. Jackie Wellington).  Not only did lawyers, doctors, journalists, models, and actors attend Ophelia Devore's Charm School but many celebrities such as Diahann Carroll, Cicely Tyson, and Faith Evans to name a few) have attended and graduated from her school as well.

It is at Ophelia Devore where I learned to be 'timeless' and 'classy' through grace and elegance.

Will is limitless opportunities!

Will is limitless supply of energy!

is limitless supply of abundance!

Personal-Professional Development

Personal Development sometimes referred to as self-improvement, is about bettering one’s self to improve socialization skills in your community and your career. 

Personal development may empower you to establish meaningful relationships, effectively connect you to your community, improve your overall image, boost your self-confidence, as well as, increase your chances of finding your soul mate. 

At Perfectly Speaking, we use the power of human communication skills to empower you to enhance your personal performance.  Remember, human communication is more than words; it is verbal and nonverbal. 


  • Do you find yourself fumbling over words?
  • Searching for the appropriate words to use within your environment?
  • Exhibiting difficulty expressing your thoughts and ideas?
  • Mispronunciation of words?


  • Choice of wardrobe
  • Skin and make-up
  • Overall image
We know image is ultra critical in making a positive influence across environments, as well as, increasing your quality of life.

We aim to show you the skills that may help you add value to your work and social environments.

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