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Charm is forever elegant and graceful.  Charm is the essence of being a charismatic person; while personality is an important component of charisma.

Personality should not be a hindrance or a barrier.  It should be a character that we perfect.

Young women should know how to control their circumstances to reach their vision, purpose, and goals in life through their charismatic personality.

Effectively implementing charisma in our lives require change.  Change is good.  Things around us are forever changing, such as the seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall).  We were planted as a seed to sprout, grow, and to blossom into young women.  We must be mindful that change requires activity.  Nothing can grow without action.  The only way to make our brains and characters powerful is to exercise it.

Self-development is essential to growing our character.  We must keep in mind that the things we think about the most are what we achieve in life. 

There are three qualities that we should possess to be successful in self-development.  Without these three qualifications little progress will be made toward accomplishment of our vision, purpose, and goals. The three qualities I am writing about can help you achieve and fulfill your short-term and life long goals.  These three qualities or shall I say, attributes, are taught in our classes for self-development here at Perfectly Speaking, LLC.  Whatever you are aspiring to become in life (fashion model, actor, entertainer, or a business woman), it is essential to possess these three qualities.

I know you must be thinking how can a company specializing in communication and it's disorders, put you on the path to becoming a fashion model, or teach you to become poised and graceful.  

The Art Of Persuasion

Fashion Modeling Is Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication Is The Art Of Persuasion Through Body Language

Body Language, some are listed below:
facial expressions
eye contact

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