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Foreign and Regional 
Accent Modification

Regional and Foreign accents are unique to the speakers and the regional area and foreign country that the speakers are from.  However, these accents may become a barrier to human communication listeners not familiar with the foreign country or region of the accented speakers.  

A regional dialectal influence may have a negative impact on speakers' accent and diction.  Making it difficult to effectively express their thoughts and ideas across their communities, especially conveying messages to older adults and the elderly population.

Standard American dialect and a Midwestern accent are the most acceptable forms of American English and accent.  Don't take our word for it, research this information for yourself.  We at Perfectly Speaking, can help you minimize your accented speech to communicate effectively to your listeners.  If you are motivated to learn the strategies to modify your accented and/or dialectal speech performance, let us provide you attainable goals.  

Are you tired of becoming frustrated, embarrassed, or have moments of anxiety because of your accent and or your diction?  Moreover, is your communication performance holding you back? No career advancement, limited meaningful relationships, limited love life, and limited friends.

Things may get better if you modify your accent and your diction, this may also increase your confidence and provide you the satisfaction you deserve.  

Everyone has their fair share of problems, don't let your accent be your problem.  Let us help you "work it out."  Put an end to the stigma relating to your accented style of communication.  ©

Distinctive Speech-Language Pathology Strategies and Communication Processes obtained through theater arts, may be used to help you achieve your accent modification goals, as well as, your dialectal goals.

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